Basement Finishing Contractor Milwaukee, Rockford, Racine, IL And WI

Envision finishing your basement when- and possessing it stay warm, gorgeous, and healthy for the rest of your life. We’ll execute your basement finishing and remodeling project with quality materials and professional installation. The system’s wall solutions, flooring, and ceiling goods are specially designed for comfort and beauty in the basement. We supply comprehensive basement finishing solutions in and about Yonkers, Stamford, Norwalk. Basement remodeling adds valuable living space with no rising your home’s footprint. If you ever knowledge heavy rain, a flood or even just a burst pipe, the water will make its way down into the basement. If you’re interested in preparing and pricing for your remodeling project, Connecticut Basement Systems can support.

The Total Basement Finishing s ystem is fully customizable, and incorporates basement drop ceilings , basement flooring , and basement wall solutions that are superior to drywall. One of our basement remodeling & refinishing specialists will sit down with you to develop a full basement remodeling program that fits both your vision and your price range. We can develop a totally functional living space in your basement or simply preserve it protected against water and mold so it can be made use of for added storage.

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