Living in Near Bradenton

Depending upon where you live in or near Bradenton, Fl, there are several identifiable odors you can smell while outside on any given day. For example, if you live near the beach, you can catch the salt breeze from the ocean or the unfortunate stench of dead fish due to red tide. Travel farther inland, and you will be closer to the aroma of cooked oranges from the major fruit bottling manufacturer or the drifting wind from the wastewater treatment plant. On the weekends, if you live east of the interstate, you might wake up to the smell of fresh cut grass or fresh aroma of the cow pasture of the dairy farm down the road.


Regardless of the air outside, when you come inside the house, the only thing you want to breathe is clean air. The ability to breathe fresh air is vital to your family’s health, especially if someone suffers from allergies, sinus issues, headaches, or other respiratory problems. The best way to ensure having good air quality inside your home is to make sure the air ducts are clean. Over time, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system air ducts collect dirt, dust, and allergens from the outside. They can also be susceptible to becoming a breeding ground for mold. Having clean air ducts helps to improve your family’s health. Cleaning the air ducts can also help extend the life of your air conditioning and heating system by keeping it running correctly.

Your home should be a clean air sanctuary. The air inside your home should not be as polluted as the air outside. Therefore, you should do everything possible to ensure that your family is breathing the best quality clean air possible. Contact a professional for a free home indoor air quality inspection and AC duct cleaning in Bradenton.

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