Protecting Your Home and Family

Did you know that burglaries occur approximately every few seconds in the US? Thousands of dollars in losses, as well as the risk of injury or even death are often the result of these burglaries. Although many intruders would prefer an empty house to rob, sometimes they are surprised by the homeowner or their family. Protecting yourself and your family from burglaries and home intrusions is essential.

Invest in Good Locks

It is normal to change the locks when you move into a new home. However, people often just go to their local hardware store and pick one. You don’t have to purchase the most expensive lock being sold, but you want one that will secure your home. Deadbolts are recommended, and you can choose a single-cylinder or a double-cylinder type. The double-cylinder requires a key to open from either side. A single-cylinder can be opened from the inside with a turn latch.

Many people are choosing keyless locks. An electronic keypad allows a code to be put in to lock and unlock the door. Some will automatically re-lock the door if it is left unlocked for thirty seconds. If you choose this type of lock, consider the ones that notify you each time someone enters your home or leaves.

More Security Options

Security cameras, motion detectors, and alarms are a few more ways you can arm your home to keep your family and belongings safe. In the event that someone does break into your home, a camera can provide footage of the intruder. If you should arrive home to find your home has been broken into, call the police, and let them check before entering. The intruder could still be inside. You will also want to immediately change your locks. This is why companies such as Master Security Center provide a 24-hour locksmith in Denver.

No home is one-hundred percent burglar proof. As long as new ways of securing your home keep coming along, burglars will continue to come up with ways to defeat them. However, most potential thieves want to get in and out as quickly as possible and will often choose a home without security over one with security systems.

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