Simple Ways to Protect Tile Flooring in a Colorado Home

Tile flooring is a stylish material that stands out in a kitchen and bathroom. However, if proper maintenance procedures aren’t implemented, a typical tile slab will develop minor cosmetic flaw. In order to keep a tile floor in great condition, you’ll need to develop a practical defensive plan.

Always Sweep Debris

Debris that tracks on a typical tile floor usually consists of dirt, rocks, and sand. Each of these items can create friction on a floor, and the grinding leads to scratches.

Because a broom can generate more friction during a cleaning routine, you must always sweep tile surfaces with a product that has soft bristles. If you want to cover more surface space in less time, sweep the floor with a wide push broom.

Use a Proper Mop and Detergent

When you mop a tile floor, the goal is to eliminate stains and hidden bacteria. In order to destroy grime, you must mop all tile surfaces with a mild soapy formula. Mild cleansers are usually sold at department stores, and they’re typically packaged in a container or tub.

A mild detergent can’t destroy bacteria on it’s own. The best way to totally cleanse a tile floor is by mixing a detergent in hot water. Cold water can make suds, but it can’t eliminate bacteria that lingers in nooks and crannies on a tile floor.

Keep New Sneakers Off the Tiles

After new sneakers are manufactured, the bottom of each sole has fresh rubber. As new rubber slides across a tile surface, some of the coating on the shoe will create scuff marks. This is why no one should wear brand new shoes with black soles on your tile flooring.

By implementing proper maintenance procedures while keeping new shoes off the tiles, the process of protecting and preserving your flooring won’t be a hassle. If you ever want to upgrade old slabs with new tiles, a residential flooring Colorado supplier can help.

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