The Various Types of Carpenters

Carpentry is considered a skilled trade in which cutting, shaping, and installing materials are performed. In most cases, carpenters use wood to fashion the construction job they are hired for. Depending on the outcome of the job, there are different types of carpenters that can be hired by the client. Let’s take a look at the various types of carpenters that are available for work.

Bench Carpenter 

This type of carpenter works on smaller projects, typically in the residential field. They use their skills of cutting, shaping, and assembling wooden items to craft pieces such as cabinets, dressers, bed frames, and storage compartments. These carpenters typically use power hand tools and are masters of designing and building.

Trim Carpenter 

This wood expert specializes in installing and repairing molding or trim. This trim or molding is the material that you will find around mantels, baseboards, windows, doors, and other ornamental pieces. You may also hear these types of carpenters referred to as finish carpenters as they are typically the last ones working on a job before it’s completely finished.

Scenic Carpenter 

Also referred to as a theatre carpenter, this professional specializes in the construction and disassembly of a movie set. These stagehands are responsible for designing the stage elements from scratch based on the necessities of the play. They’re typically hired by the production manager of a play or movie.

Commercial Carpenter 

These working professional are hired to install and fix structures like churches, businesses, and tunnels. They have a vast knowledge of working with all types of materials, including steel, concrete, and wood. Commercial carpenters, such as DLL Contracting, are the big players in the carpentry industry. They’re responsible for reading blueprints and creating the structures to a tee as precision is a must for the safety of all future individuals who use the structure. Part of their job is to build walls, stairs, tunnel bracing, steel framing, ceilings, and replace panes of glass.

Ship’s Carpenter 

This type of carpenter has a high level of knowledge in the nautical field. They’re responsible for repairing, building, and performing maintenance on ships. These carpenters are highly skilled in both traditional kinds of wood and steel. They’ll typically be assigned a post on a ship so they can provide the necessary emergency repairs in the event a ship takes damage. Those carpenters who solely stick to building the ships and don’t actually get posted on board are referred to as shipwrights.

As you can see, there are many different types of carpenters out there with the necessary skills in their field. When you are thinking of hiring a contractor for a specific type of job, you should look for a carpenter that specializes in that field. It’s very common to see carpenters who specialize in many different fields. However, we always suggest going with a firm that spends their time focusing on an individual field as they will have the vast amount of knowledge required to do the job right every time.


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